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Derogation clauses in International Human Rights Treaties: Relevance in the post-9/11 State of Permanent Legal Emergency.

by  Tahsin Iftekhar
Human Rights are inalienable.

This article aims at analysing the relevance of the derogation clauses in Article 4 of the ICCPR, Article 15 of the ECHR and Article 27 of the ACHR in the post-9/11 state of permanent legal emergency, which allows State parties the right to suspend some of their obligations in protecting human rights during public emergency. This analysis will be supported first by a brief overview of the derogation clauses in the ICCPR, the ECHR and the ACHR; secondly with explanations of those clauses. The third part of this article will focus on the term ‘public emergency threatening the life of the nation’ developed by the European Courts of Human Rights (ECtHR), the Human Rights Committee (HRC) and the International Law Association (ILA) before 9/11. The subsequent part will show how the same ECtHR after 9/11 in the judgments of Belmarsh detainees and A and Others v. United Kingdom turned away from their original [....]