Ode to BDLR: Advancing ‘awesome activism’ throughout the nation

by  Kawsar Mahmood


BDLR Logo in Bangladesh Green

 “Our Vision is very clear, Mission is explicitly defined and Fashion, way of work, is well designed. Still, as it is a new national law review that seems deviant and feels extraordinary, let us justify our endeavor to glorify the very purposes of law review.”

‘Law Review’ is a customary expression of law journal edited, published and managed by students from law schools. But, while making an extreme-exception is the general-disposition of creative legal mind, we, a group of young law professionals in Bangladesh pull us together to thrive on academic research with this surname.  In such a deviation, our action is audacious. Hence, we set March – the same month in which our brave national heroes started showing extreme audacity in 1971 – to unveil our official website.

The founders, composed BDLR’s ‘editorial clan’, are of mainly proficient legal professionals; but, we believe ourselves life-time law learner. Our major … [....]