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The delusion of a secular state: Oneness of corporate America with Christian America

by  Sohel Rana
One Nation Under God_Book Cover
One Nation Under God by Kevin M. Kruse_Book Cover

[A review of the book review reviewed by Kim-Philips-Fein in the Democracy Journal on Kevin M Kruse‘s book: ‘One Nation Under God- How Corporate America Invented Christian America’]

Perhaps, “the great” American’s greatness is much expressed in its deceptive camouflage of secularity over religiosity underneath.Though not much discerned, it had always carried a sustained effort to become a religious state, not in the meaning religion pervasive in everywhere but religion an essence of many manipulative tools. This effort has now taken a ruthless turn to be more desperate and to seem more transparent, largely for the greater benefit of corporate America.

For America, the so called “founding principles” – the guide toward developing anation entailing a divide between religion and state – only succeeded to strengthen an organized rise of a religious movement that againhardly followed any biblical guidelines. This rise, dubbed as the “great spiritual … [....]

The ‘Metamorphosis’ and a twist to Licit Justice: Revisiting the bewildering verdict of the Oscar Pistorius Trial

by  Mohammad Nayeem Firoz
Overview on OP Trial
Overview on OP Trial
  1. From ‘Human’ to ‘Gunman’: Revisiting Franz Kafka’s ‘METAMORPHOSIS’

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, the South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete who beat the odds to motivate millions worldwide, was shown in the cover page of the TIME magazine of March 11, 2013 as an entity who gradually transformed into a ‘Gunman’ through ‘Superman’ from a ‘Man’. These days the people even know that the romance of celebrity paralympian Oscar Pistorius and South African model and law graduate Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp did not result in an Oscar-winning comedy rather it turned into an incredible tragedy which nobody would spectate even in the nightmare. Unfortunately the tragedy was masterminded by Oscar himself in the night of Valentines’ Day who for some complicated state of his psyche transformed into a ‘Blade Gunner’ from the ‘Blade Runner’ by that time. Nothing like Franz Kafka’s absurdist fiction, the Metamorphosis(1915) the adverse transformation of Pistorius can be surrealistically viewed as … [....]