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The delusion of a secular state: Oneness of corporate America with Christian America

by  Sohel Rana
One Nation Under God_Book Cover
One Nation Under God by Kevin M. Kruse_Book Cover

[A review of the book review reviewed by Kim-Philips-Fein in the Democracy Journal on Kevin M Kruse‘s book: ‘One Nation Under God- How Corporate America Invented Christian America’]

Perhaps, “the great” American’s greatness is much expressed in its deceptive camouflage of secularity over religiosity underneath.Though not much discerned, it had always carried a sustained effort to become a religious state, not in the meaning religion pervasive in everywhere but religion an essence of many manipulative tools. This effort has now taken a ruthless turn to be more desperate and to seem more transparent, largely for the greater benefit of corporate America.

For America, the so called “founding principles” – the guide toward developing anation entailing a divide between religion and state – only succeeded to strengthen an organized rise of a religious movement that againhardly followed any biblical guidelines. This rise, dubbed as the “great spiritual … [....]