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Mohammad Golam Sarwar is an Academic, Journalist and Human Rights Activist. He is a Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Eastern University. He is not only teaching, but also trying to lead the students from the front. He also works with the popular Law & Our Rights page of The Daily Star. Besides editing, he occasionally contributes there to speak and sensitize on issues having national and international importance. In addition, from student days he is working as a Street Lawyer and Trainer to create awareness among the people through legal literacy campaign. Currently he is the Program Co-coordinator of this vibrant Street Law Program run by Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP). He also worked as a Trainer to the Employee at Solidarity Center (American Centre for International Solidarity). Over the years he has participated in number of National and International Trainings on Human Rights issues including International Trainings on Human Rights and Development at South Korea and Belgium. He loves to work for the downtrodden people of society.

Free the FREEDOM!

by  Mohammad Golam Sarwar

While reading a book called ‘Freedom is not Free’, by Shiv Khera I find an undeniable truth that every generation needs to earn its own freedom. That means freedom is not free, in order to achieve freedom there should be some sacrifice. Even the historic four freedoms propounded by Franklin Roosevelt had arisen out of sacrifice of millions of people in the event of unprecedented danger and instability during the World War II. Coming to the birth of Bangladesh, it was the freedom for which three million people sacrificed their lives. But unfortunately freedom is not free at all in Bangladesh even after forty four years of independence. Protection of freedom is constantly charging human lives amidst of fear and instability. Now the question is how many lives we have to sacrifice to secure freedom? A definite uncertainty might be the response.

The recent brutal killing of Avijit Roy, a writer and co- founder moderators of … [....]