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Are some human rights more important than others?

by  Mohammad Sohidul Islam

cas-map-magistrature-penale-droit-marteauAn examination over the hierarchy of rights in international human rights law taking right to life as an example. 

I     Introduction
The notion of human rights has developed throughout the centuries. Charters, acts, declarations and laws have been made throughout the ages in the development of human rights.
[1] In the thirteenth century the famous Magna Carta of 1215 was adopted to limit the power of the British Kings and to give some redress for injuries to individuals. John Lock’s ‘Social Contract’ theory further developed the concept of human rights. The American Declaration of Independence, 1776 and the Constitution of the United States, 1789 instituted bill of rights for the people of America. The French Declaration of 1789 promoted the human rights institutions.[2] The blatant violation of human rights during the World War II shocked the conscience of the international community and they felt to make framework for human rights which should be protected in a [....]