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Bangladesh Law Review (BDLR), an online law journal, is run by an alliance of legal professionals. A caucus of judges, senior jurisprudents and jurists are behind the guiding-spirit and in charge of juridical advisers. It eyes to be a referred Research-Centre for scholarly development and Dominant-Influence in professional practice.

The significance of research, especially in the sphere of law, can never be over emphasized. Legal education, now days, has been attracting the youngsters in whole nation. Active citizenry is developing to pace up with the spread of information technology. Institutions are equally expected to be equipped with modernization. Hence, Bangladesh Law Review (BDLR) comes with a promise to facilitate the brilliant minds as well as to drive development in practical field.

No matter most of the time, research findings and scholarly ideas are overlooked in court practice, legislative drafting and policy implementation, law journals and magazine still hope against hope that someday they gain their spurs in the eyes of judiciary, parlance of legislation and affair of policy makers. BDLR, thus, invites law students, academicians and other professionals to ink their pen in its page with.

With three broad principles: VISION to press the change, MOTIVATION to Help legal minds unleash their potential and FASHION to diffuse legal knowledge and disseminate information, BDLR envisages to create a legal platform which essentially addresses the respective need of all the stakeholders and branches of law influencing statutory law reform to facilitating laymen in access to the justice and law.

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