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Restorative Justice in Bangladesh: Experiencing as a career Judge

by  Naurin Aktar Kankon

RJ Just AheadIn Bangladesh we are dispensing justice in a judicial system which is predominantly an adversarial model. Our litigants are more interested in taking revenge for what they had to pay or suffer being subjected to offence or wrongdoing. In such an adjudicative environment we cannot limit our role as a formal adjudicator rather assuming the role of a mediator. We try to reconcile the legal vengeance at the litigating parties in tactful manner where the problems are addressed more humanely and cause of justice is ensured. District Legal Aid Officers(who are also deputed from judges) provide legal advice, mediate between litigating parties and influence litigating people for compromise and through this way we get the number of cases reduced and peace and harmony  in the society restored.

In the judicial system of Bangladesh, we provide the restorative justice in the following aspects-

  • Restoration of the People in their normal course of life and in the community
    • Restoration